Ring Types:

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Series Inch/Metric Misc. Material Ring Description Photo
AN Inch   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel

AN rings have corrugations that face inward. They are open in the free state, so that when installed inside a bore, the ring conforms to the bore and is self-retaining. AN rings are designed to fit outside a nominal circumference.

AN Metric   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel
    Stainless AN Overlapped, like an AN ring, but overlapped in the free state condition.
ANL Inch   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel

ANL rings are light-duty versions of AN rings. The material that is used is very thin, so ANL rings do not maintain a circular shape in their free state.

ANL Metric   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel
ANS Metric Flanged Carbon ANS, AN style ring with a flange on one side for placement in a housing groove, angled planish.
BN Inch   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel

BN rings feature corrugations that face outward. They are designed to have a free state diameter smaller than the shaft diameter over which they will be installed. BN rings are cut to fit inside a nominal circumference.

BN Metric   Stainless, Hastelloy, Monel
SH Metric Shim Stainless SH, no waves.
SV Metric   Stainless SV European equivalent of BN Ring.
TR Inch   Stainless

The TR series is used for repair of worn or oversized housings.